There are only a few more days to go until Christmas so if you still can’t think what to buy for your friend who is a gardener then this article may just be the help you need. In fact it’s more a case of being spoiled for choice since the suggestions range all the way from packets of seeds to plants of every sort. Then there are tools, books and other garden accessories. The article is by Mary Ann Ryan from the Master Gardeners website.

It?s that time of year again! What do I get for gifts? Here is a wealth of ideas from a few of our Penn State Extension gardeners. And, if, by chance, you know any Master Gardener and wandering what to do, this may just be the list you were looking for this holiday season!
Seed starting kits: This is a great gift for gardeners who like to start their own plants. There are also kits where you can grow herbs from seed to harvest. Heat mats are great as well since this makes seed starting so much easier.
The obvious ? Plants! A fruit tree that is the favorite variety of that friend or family member may be just the thing they are looking for. Does the person like wine? Consider giving a couple of wine grape vines. Is the gardener a baker? Brambles, like raspberries or blackberries, or ground covers like strawberries may be just the perfect gift. Who knows, the recipient may even share a pie or bottle of wine with you some day.
Pollinator friendly plants, like Clethra alnifolia, also make a great gift. The plant can be purchased now and delivered in the spring to the recipient directly from the nursery. Plants are a gift that the person will enjoy for many years to come. Is he/she a butterfly gardener? How about coneflowers or butterflyweed to add to their garden in the spring?
Houseplants: Many gardeners not only enjoy plants on the outside, but like plants on the inside as well. If you know the environment that plants will be growing, stop at a garden center and see what?s available. This time of year you can always pick up a Norfolk Island Pine or peace lily; both are very easy to grow, and a great gift idea for the gardener. How about bulbs like amaryllis or paperwhites? These can be enjoyed through the winter months ? or ? there are programs where you can have blooming plants delivered right to their home each month for the gardener to enjoy indoors!

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Image source: Paul Sullivan