Last Minute Gifts for Gardeners

Perhaps this is a little late, but if you are scratching your head and wondering what you can buy for your gardening friend then here are a few suggestions. From useful tools and posh watering cans to wall planters and wind chimes and that is just the start of this long list of ideas that I found on the Gardening Channel.

It?s the most wonderful time of the year again?time to get all your holiday shopping out of the way so you can relax and enjoy the holidays without the stress and hassle of competing with the masses at local brick-and-mortar stores. The easiest way to shop stress-free is to avoid the shops themselves altogether. This year, why not order your gifts online and letting them come to you. Here is a comprehensive list of great gift ideas for all your gardening friends, from useful tools to eye-catching decorations that will make your garden stand out to guests and to local wildlife alike.
cape cod weeder
Stainless Steel Cape Cod Weeder
The cape cod weeder is a gardener?s favorite because it is so versatile and useful around the garden. From weeding in the vegetable garden to clearing cracks in the sidewalk, you?ll always want one handy once you?ve tried it.

Bosmere V171 Haws Spray-n-Sprinkle Gift Box Set
Any gardener on your list will love this classic green watering can paired with a brass mister. This set is perfect for watering and hydrating indoor plants, such as orchids and African violets, as well as for caring for seedlings.

Woodstock Wind Chimes?
These bronze wind chimes are a beautiful, melodic addition to any garden. Created by Grammy-Award-winning musician Garry Kvistad, these bronze wind chimes are available in several different tonalities. Our current favorite is the Woodstock Wedding Chime, tuned to notes from Pachelbel?s Canon in D.

Fiskars 46-inch Steel D-Handle Transplanting Spade?
This heavy-duty steel spade is great for digging small, deep holes for planting and transplanting any addition to the garden. The D-handle design is perfect for two-handed digging, offering balance and control like no other garden implement of its size.
wall planter gift
Home OniShip Indoor Wall Planter
There is nothing more useful than a well-provisioned herb garden for a gardener or cook, especially when the garden is a living wall in your home.Give the gift of convenience to your greenskeeper buddies, who will now have an herb garden growing just steps away from their kitchen. They won?t even have to bend down to pluck a sprig of rosemary or basil for that delicious new recipe they?ve been dying to try.

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