Most people know that the Castor Oil Plant is poisonous, but I was not aware of just how deadly it can be. The plant is the source of ricin which is fatal if consumed even in small quantities. However the leaves and roots are used in herbal medicine and even for making chocolate. This information comes from Mukul Chand on his Enchanted Forests blog.

The Castor Oil ?Plant ( English) or The WONDER Tree as it is often called is also the source of a deadly naturally occurring?POISON. (?Ricin)?
Ominously located close to an old medieval period graveyard in the midst of an Arboretum in Sunder Nursery, New Delhi ?I spotted the Castor Oil Plant growing wild.

the graveyard
A dark forgotten graveyard in Sunder Nursery

The Wonder Tree?( English), Arandi ( Hindi), Ricinus communis ( Scientific name) is native to India and can be seen growing wild alongside highways throughout the country.
It belongs to the ?Castor family, Euphorbiaceae and thus related to the?Spicy Jetropha .( do read my blog A bit of Cuba in India)

castor growing wild
The Wonder Plant grows wild

The Wonder Tree is a rich source of ?Castor Oil , once a magical cure for numerous human ailments.
The leaves and roots are also used in the treatment of piles, stem the flow of blood and reduce inflammations.

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