Some people think of cactus plants as rather dull prickly specimens that are somewhat unappealing, but look at the picture above and you cannot deny the absolute riot of color packed into a small space. Add to this the fact that they require very little water and you have the perfect plant that can look after itself. I found these tips on how to grow and care for cactus plants in the Ebay Buying Guides.

Cactus plants are associated with the dry, hot climate of dessert regions. However, different varieties of cacti grow in various climates around the world. Gardeners can grow them indoors or outdoors, depending on the conditions. Cacti can store moisture for long periods of time, so they do not need frequent watering. The slow-growing plants are easy to care for and make interesting and attractive additions to garden areas or inside the home.

Rooting a Cutting

An easy way to grow a cactus is to root and plant a cutting. This makes it possible to grow several plants from one cactus. The method works well for all varieties. Rooting a cutting works best during the plant’s natural growing season.


Use a clean, sharp knife to cut off an offshoot of the plant where the joint meets the stem. A sterile knife prevents damage or rot. A saw with a sterile blade works well for large or woody cacti.


Find a cool, dry location out of the sunlight to place the cutting. Leave it there until the wound from the cut is completely calloused. This can take anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on the size of the cut. Turning the stems regularly during the drying process prevents curvature and premature rooting.


The cactus cutting needs a growing medium of sand or well-drained soil. Plant the cutting deep enough so that it stays upright. Rooting in the shade prevents sunburn that can kill the cutting. Place crawling cacti or long-stemmed varieties on top of the soil, rather than in it. Place prickly pears or chollas on the side so that new growth forms directly upright.


Water the cactus after planting. After that, only water it when the soil mix is completely dry. It is easy to overwater a cactus. Overwatering causes root rot, and is the most common cause of cactus cutting failure. Check the soil every couple of days. Cactus plants in large pots or those located in humid environments may need less water.

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