How To Tell When Your Amaryllis Bulb Will Flower

For many of us when we buy an amaryllis bulb at this time of year we want the flowers to appear in time for the Christmas holiday season. While half the fun of growing an amaryllis is watching its progress, it is rather frustrating if the holiday arrives and all we can see are a stem surrounded by a few leaves. So is it possible to know when your bulb will flower? This article by Kath LaLiberte which I found on the Longfield Gardens website explains what affects the amaryllis bloom time.

If you recently purchased an?amaryllis bulb and are wondering when it will bloom, read on! Though watching and waiting is all part of the fun, this post will give you a good idea?of what to expect.
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There are at least three variables that influence amaryllis bloom time:?where the bulb was produced, when you plant it and which variety you?re growing.

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Bulb Origin
Most of the amaryllis sold in the U.S. are produced in Holland. Growers harvest the?bulbs in late summer,?cure them?for several weeks and then ship?them to the U.S.?They?re usually?available for sale from mid-October through January?and their natural bloom time is January-March.
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Amaryllis bulbs are also produced in Brazil, Peru, South Africa and Israel. The?bulbs from these countries are harvested several months earlier?and typically bloom sooner. If you get these bulbs?planted by?late October, they will usually flower?in?December.

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