How To Succeed With Succulents

With winter fast approaching it is time for the gardener to retreat indoors to keep warm. But this does not mean that all gardening activities have to cease. There are plenty of plants that can be grown successfully indoors and these include succulents. In a way these are the ideal plants since they are both easy to care for and low maintenance. This article by Jacki Cammidge which I found on the Backyard Garden Lover website has some great tips on how to grow succulents indoors.

With the cold season right around the corner, I?m looking for some indoor gardening ideas that will keep my garden addiction alive. So, I invited Jacki, an expert in succulents, to share how to grow succulents indoors.?This way we can enjoy ?gardening? even when the weather isn?t cooperating

Succulents are so versatile and adaptable even novice gardeners?can succeed with them. But, to have plants that look great and don?t embarrass you, there are a few things you need to know.
First off, think of where these plants originate.??In most cases, with a few exceptions, their native habitat is bright,?warm, and dry. They don?t thrive in rain forest conditions which are too wet, with low light levels.
Suppliers?know that smaller varieties do better in challenging conditions. ?These are the easiest to grow, and also to?find in garden centers, florists, and mail order.

Many common succulents evolved in warm climates, even deserts. Generally, they?re not frost hardy. But, this type of succulent make great indoor houseplants.
Even if they spend the summer outside, you can bring them indoors for the winter. They brighten a windowsill, and grow well under lights.
Also, they may need a dry dormant period. Once you start to water them again, they form buds, ready to thrill you with the flowering cycle.

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