A dog may be a man’s best friend, but if that man owns a dog relations are liable to be strained if his favorite pet is forever digging for bones and damaging plants. One answer might be to ban the dog from the garden, but that is probably going to be impractical. One man who has a constructive answer is Paul Hervey-Brookes whose suggestions are contained in an article which I found on the Ham and High website.

Award-winning garden designer Paul Hervey-Brookes has three dogs ? two Spaniels, Honey and Arthur and a Japanese Chin called Nina ? none of whom have yet trashed his beautiful garden in the Cotswolds.
His show garden, A Dog?s Life for this year?s Hampton Court Flower Show should give owners food for thought.
Features include sniffer tracks weaving through the herbaceous borders for dogs to forage and sniff out treats, a woodland area which incorporates a ramp over a raised wall for agility, while leaf litter areas within the planting allows dogs to dig and scratch.
?Arthur is a bit more boisterous than the other two and likes to run around and run through things, which is what gave us the idea of making these little weaving paths,? Hervey-Brookes explains.
?The damage that was happening was accidental, because of his excitement, so we looked at how we could accommodate that in a way that keeps the garden looking attractive, not ruined.?
Honey likes rolling around in the gravel or on grass, while Nina enjoys foraging for little chews and treats which her master leaves hidden for her to find in the garden.

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