How to Replant a Christmas Tree After the Holiday

This would have been more helpful if it had been posted a week ago, but better late than never. Unless your Christmas tree is an artificial one it will either have been cut off at the base or come complete with the roots. In the latter case these tips will help you to have the best chance of success with planting the tree back into the ground so that you can use it again next year. This article by Mike McGroarty which I found on his Mike’s Backyard Nursery website tells you all you need to know.

Buying a live balled in burlap Christmas tree is a very special family event. When you buy a live Christmas tree as opposed to a cut Christmas tree you are buying a living thing that will be part of your family and part of your landscape for many years to come.

Planting a live Christmas tree.

You pick out the tree as a family, you lug it home as a family (balled trees are heavy), you lug it into the house, you enjoy it for the holidays and then you lug it back outside and plant it in the yard. As the years go on the tree grows and gets nicer and nicer each year. There is magic in this process because children have vivid memories and each of the steps of the process are firmly planted in their memory.

Plants Tell Stories.

As the tree grows so do the children right on into adulthood and those kids who grow to become adults always have a special place in their heart for that particular tree.? For them it was a very special time in their life and just the site of or being near that tree trigger very fond memories of their childhood and the time of a much simpler, less stressful live.? So as you consider what to do for a Christmas tree this year, think about the memories that your efforts are about to create.

Dig a hole for your Christmas tree before taking the tree into the house.

Dig a hole for your Christmas tree before taking the tree into the house.

Picking Out the Right Live Christmas Tree.

What do I need to know about picking out a nice tree?? The process is quite simple.? Pick a tree that you like, pick a tree that you can handle and buy your tree from a grower that has a passion for the trees that they sell.? In other words, buy a tree that has been properly cared for on the tree lot.? Balled trees have to be watered on a regular basis when sitting on top of the ground.? A reputable grower will tend to that.

The other thing to be sure of is to make sure the that the tree is not loose in the ball. Move the tree from side to side. As you do, the ball should move with the tree. If the tree moves and the ball stays stationary that?s a huge red flag. The ball must be tight and firmly affixed to the roots of the tree.

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