How To Pick the Right Flowers for Valentine’s Day

How To Pick the Right Flowers for Valentine’s Day

A gift of flowers is the first thing you would think of for Valentine’s Day, but what type of flower should you give? This is a question that needs some thought since both the type of flower and its color have hidden meanings that may convey an unintended message if you are not careful. This article which I found on the Serenata Flowers website suggests four flowers that make excellent gifts for this occasion and also covers the question of colors and the meaning of particular flowers.

As well as chocolates and candlelit dinners, flowers are the face of Valentine?s Day.
From a single rose to an extravagant floral arrangement, there are plenty of styles, colours and designs to choose from.
But how do you go about making the right choice?

Roses aren?t just red?


Many may think of roses as a clich? option for Valentine?s Day, however, you may be surprised to learn that there are over 100 species to choose from.
When buying them as a Valentine?s Day gift, the most popular colours are red, pink and white. Each shade has its very own meaning, red for love, pink for sweetness and white for purity. If you want to push the boat out, opt for a mixture of red and white roses, as it symbolizes unity.
If you?re looking for a more colourful option, choose yellow for friendship and orange for desire.
What to look for when buying roses: When picking the perfect roses, it?s important to choose flowers with the longest stem, as this is a sign of quality and they?ll last a great deal longer.
However, if you?re buying for someone younger, a shorter stem is extremely trendy, especially when teamed with foliage. Instead of presenting a simple bouquet of flowers to your loved one, throw a vase into the mix.
Short glass cubes boast a low-profile look, known as the European cut, whilst elaborate vases are more traditional.

Tulips ? the flower that keeps on giving

Renowned for their bulb heads and curving leaves, tulips are the most prevalent of all garden flowers.
Red, white and pink arrangements are the most popular style for Valentine?s Day, especially for a classic flower such as the tulip. Unlike most flowers, tulips boast a unique quality, as they continue to grow long after they?ve been cut. Simply place them next to a source of natural daylight. A bouquet of bright tulips is a great option for those wishing to give a gift that?s not too elaborate but that still says ?I love you?.
They?re also a symbol of balance and comfort.
What to look out for when buying tulips: When buying tulips, opt for a bouquet of flowers.
A few stems will look lonely in a vase, whilst several will bring a dull space to life. Ten is a good number.

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