How To Make Your Own Pot Fountain

How To Make Your Own Pot Fountain

These days a garden that does not have a water feature of some sort is definitely missing out. It may be as large as a garden pond with aquatic plants and koi carp or as small as a single pot fountain. Whatever its size a water feature adds a special atmosphere to the garden and provides an area of calm where you can relax in peace. This article by Natalie which I found on the Top Dreamer website starts by describing how to make a pot fountain and then provides a number of examples showing how they enhance the landscape.

A fountain is definitely one of the must-have features for your garden, so that you can create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere over there. This is because the sound of water creates a real harmony. So, if you still don?t have a fountain in your garden, now may be the perfect time to add one. And although you may choose to buy, you can also build one and today we want give you some tips on how to build your own pot fountain.
Pot fountains can look quite unique and they are great alternative for repurposing some old large pots. And yes, it?s not difficult to make one such fountain. You just need to have the right materials and know how to use them.

Here Is An Overview Of How To Build A Pot Fountain

The Easiest Way To Build Your Own Pot Fountain

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This fountain is actually build out of two pots instead of one. You can use all type of pots and even choose to decorate them somehow, so that you can make it look more eye-catching. Here is the list of the materials needed for this project:

  • submersible pump
  • clean vinyl tubing
  • 1 small and 1 large waterproof pot with no drainage holes.
  • something for the small pot to sit on, such as brick or a cinder block
  • drill and a bit
  • medium sized rocks
  • bag of pea gravel
  • clear waterproof silicone caulk
  • electrical supplies need to splice the electrical cord


You will save some money on making one such fountain instead of buying one. Find the full instructions on Scattered Thoughts Of Crafted Mom blog.

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