How To Make 10 Stunning Succulent Centerpieces

How To Make 10 Stunning Succulent Centerpieces

Here you will discover ten ways to make living table toppers with succulents. These miniature plants combine a wide range of colors and shapes with low maintenance making them ideal for use as centerpieces. Create one of these and you will have a table top feature that will last for months and save you having to provide fresh flowers every week. These ideas come from an article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found on the Houzz website.

Why bother with flowers when you can have a fresh focal point that?s just as beautiful but lasts for years? If you haven?t already hopped on the succulent bandwagon, perhaps we can convince you with this roundup of 10 stunning and diverse succulent centerpieces.
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  1. I love succulents….but they are expensive to buy.. have project now that will cost over $100 to fill with succulents….and yes you can get pinch from friends
    ( takes 1-2 years )
    to grow up

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