How To Keep Your Cat Out Of The Garden

Recently I wrote about this topic and quoted an article which suggested several different ways that you could try to keep cats out of your garden and away from your plants. These were all to do with ways to deter cats from visiting, but today’s article is about a way that your cat can be allowed outdoors in safety. And the suggestion is that you build a catio or an enclosed patio for your pet. The article is by Julie Sheer and comes from the Houzz website.

It?s the dilemma of every cat owner: how to let Kitty enjoy the outdoors without risk of the Great Escape. The outside world can be a dangerous place for a roaming cat, with the threat of predators, cars, poison and diseases. Not to mention the danger to wild birds, which outdoor cats kill in monumental numbers. Catios ? or cat patios ? are safely enclosed playhouses for felines that provide fresh air, mental stimulation and exercise.
Cats confined indoors are at higher risk for stress-related diseases, says Dr. Martine van Boeijen, a cat veterinarian in Perth, Australia. ?An enclosed catio, which safely confines your cat to your property, allows your cat to have the best of both worlds.? Here is a basic guide on custom, kit and DIY options for adding a catio to your home.
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Feature photo: Plan A Architecture