One of the useful features of perennial plants is that they can be increased by propagation. So by taking cuttings your one plant can become many and so cut down the cost of buying new plants. While this article is about scented geraniums the same principle can be applied to all perennial plants which can be increased by propagation. The article below which I found on the Lovely Greens website is by Karen Creel and includes full instructions on how to do it.

People often ask me how can they have a great garden when they don?t have a lot of money. My answer is always the same. Buy perennials and herbs that are easily divided or propagated by cuttings.
While they do have small pretty flowers, Scented Geranium?s leaves are their claim to fame. Just brushing against the leaves releases their aromatic oils into the air. This makes them perfect for a scented garden, grouped into pots on the patio, lining your walkway, or on your kitchen windowsill. Scented geraniums are usually found in the perennial or herb section of the nursery. I buy mine from a friend who is an herb grower.

Scented Geraniums?are different from garden?geraniums

Scented Geraniums are a great choice for the gardener who wants a lot of bang for their buck. Purchasing three scented geraniums can yield 9 or more plants for next year?s garden.
When buying your scented geraniums, don?t be fooled by the name. They are different from the garden geranium we buy at our local garden center known for their colorful flowers. Scented geraniums are tender perennials from the pelargonium family.

Scented Geraniums come in a variety of scents

  • Rose Geranium
  • Lemon scented Geranium
  • Mint scented Geranium
  • Fruit and nut scented Geranium
  • Spice scented Geranium
  • Pungent scented Geranium
  • Oak leaf scented Geranium

With over 100 varieties I?m sure there is at least one every gardener will love. Names such as Attar of Roses, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Apricot, Nutmeg, Southernwood, and Pheasant Foot, make you want to become a collector of Scented Geraniums. There is even a Chocolate Mint!
Plants for free: How to propagate Scented Geraniums. Beautifully scented flowers completely unrelated to garden geraniums.

How to Propagate Scented Geraniums

You can propagate at any time of the year, but in the fall the flowers have been able to grow all summer and will have a good choice of stems to choose from for taking a root cutting.

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