We grow herbs to use in the kitchen adding them to dishes to improve their flavor. Herbs have also been used for hundreds of years by herbalists to treat various ailments and many modern drugs are made from compounds derived from herbs. Common herbs that we use for cooking also have medicinal properties which can safely be used to treat minor ailments. For instance headaches, colds and upset stomachs can be alleviated by the use of these plants. I found an article by Mama Hanna on her Mama Knows website which lists twelve herbs you can grow in your healing garden.

When you visit your local market or garden centre, check out their herb selection. You may be surprised at the varieties of herbs that are available. Not only do quite a few of them provide beautiful flowers, but there is an added benefit ? you can use them for medicinal purposes without a worry. So ? what better way to enjoy spring then to get out and get active in your garden, clean it out, plant some pretty annuals or perennials and add herbs as well? Growing a healing garden will be definitely rewarding for you.

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