How to Enjoy the Winter Garden Wherever You Live

Winter means different conditions depending on where you live. This is a collection of ideas from garden writers around the U.S. who share their favorite winter garden joys. In all ten regions are covered ranging from Northwest and California to Northeast down to the Southern eastern region. This comes from an article by Sheila Schmitz which I found on the Houzz website.

In mild climates, there?s still time to plant a festive camellia in a pot near the front door and put in bulbs for a big spring show. In colder areas, it?s time to gather boughs from the yard for fresh arrangements inside and out. In the Southwest, luminarias make outdoor rooms glow, and in the Northeast, feeders bring out the birds, the best features a winter garden could hope for. Here?s what to do in December in your region of the U.S.
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Feature photo: Paintbox Garden