How To Enjoy Daylilies All Summer Long

How To Enjoy Daylilies All Summer Long

As their name implies daylilies produce flowers that last for just one day. The flowers open in the morning and provide a great show during the day, but by evening the blooms fade and fall. New flowers are produced the next day so there are always a number of blooms on the plant. So by choosing appropriate varieties it is possible to enjoy daylilies all through the summer. In her article which I found on the Sensible Gardening website Lynne Cherot explains how you can do this and suggests suitable varieties.

Daylilies are the perfect perennial in many ways. Easy to grow, easy care and tough as nails. If they have a downfall it would be that each flower stays true to its name, and does just bloom for one day.?Most daylilies bloom early in the morning, lasting through the day to fold up and end in the late evening. How is it possible then to enjoy these beautiful flowers over a long period of time? Would you believe the entire summer!
Daylily Schnickle Fritz at Sensible Gardening and Living
First of all each daylily plant sends up? scapes throughout the flowering period. Scapes are leafless stalks which bear the flowers.?Each plant sends up one scape at a time but can send up several scapes over the blooming season. Most scapes have two or more branches. As well, the number of blooms on a single scape can be from 10 to a 100.
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Add this to the fact that some daylilies bloom extra early in June, ?others bloom in mid summer and a ?selection do not bloom until late summer right on through into the fall.?Still other cultivars have been bred to re-bloom. Some re-bloomers flower early summer and then again in the fall, others bloom in short periods which follow shortly after each other. When you consider all of these attributes, careful planning and choosing of daylily cultivars will reward you with a very long season of daylily flowers in your garden.

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