If one of your houseplants suddenley starts to drop its leaves your immediate reaction may be, if not to panic, at least to worry that you are not treating it properly. In fact most of the time when a plant drops some leaves this is a natural process and nothing to cause concern. I found an article over at the Gardener’s Network that explains why the leaf drop occurs and what you should do about it.

As the weather cools in the Fall, it’s time to take our houseplants in for the winter. This needs to be done before the first frost.
One of the most common houseplant problems is leaf drop. Your houseplant has enjoyed a season of full sunlight, and warm temperatures. Houseplant leaf drop is normal when you bring them indoors. It’s nature’s way of helping the plant to adjust to the sudden change in climate. With less sunlight and cooler temperatures, your plant cannot support the same amount of leaves, that it could outdoors in the summer.
If your houseplant is experiencing dropping a lot of leaves, don’t panic. After a few weeks, it will stop. Then, new leaves will begin to slowly appear.
Important Note: While houseplant leaf drop is most common in the fall, it can happen at any time that the plant is stressed. The causes can be environmental, or some other form of plant stress.

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Image source: Randen Pederson