How To Create An Edible Italian Garden

People who love to cook Italian food will know the names of the herbs and vegetables that are used in the various recipes. This is a list of twenty-one of the plants used in Italian cooking with tips on how to grow them. Even if you do not have room for a kitchen garden many of these plants can be grown in containers. This collection of herbs and vegetables is described in an article which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site.

If you love Italian food, grow an Edible Italian Garden to have a fresh supply of tastiest vegetables and herbs. Even if you?re short of space, you can grow them in containers!

These herbs and vegetables are most important part of any Italian cookbook. And you can even grow them without a garden, in containers.

1. Cima di Rapa

Cima di Rapa is related to broccoli, it is quick to produce harvest and hardy enough to withstand off-season climates. Delicious when stir-fried in olive oil with garlic and chili flakes or in the salad.
How to Grow: Cima di Rapa requires full sun, drainage, regular watering and some staking to grow into a prolific and healthy plant. As it can be grown in a small space, it is easy to grow in containers.

2. Lettuce

Crispy, fresh head lettuce leaves are commonly preferred in salads, brushed with olive oil, and grilled.
How to Grow: Growing this leafy green is super easy in pots. Full to part sunlight, rich soil, cool weather and slightly moist growing medium. Learn how to lettuce in containers here!

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