How To Create A Zen Garden

Everyone who leads a hectic life needs somewhere to relax and recharge their batteries to enable them to face the world again refreshed and ready for the new day. The one garden layout that is specifically designed to aid relaxation and meditation is the zen garden. This article by Darcy Larum which I found on the Gardening Know How website explains how you can create your own zen garden and includes a list of plants that are suitable.

The hectic hustle and bustle of daily life can burn us out quickly. After working long hours, we head home to taxi the kids to their activities, tackle a list of household chores, try to squeeze in a proper dinner and fulfill any other obligations we?ve committed ourselves to. Then we head to bed to rest up only to repeat the whole process again the following day. By the time Friday rolls around, we?re exhausted and longing for a vacation. While most of us can?t afford to escape to a faraway destination every weekend, we can bring the elements of an exotic, peaceful oasis to our own homes by creating a Japanese or Chinese Zen garden in our backyard.

Zen is a state of peace, harmony and enlightenment that is often achieved by connecting with nature through meditation or visiting a sacred place. A Zen garden is a Japanese or Chinese style garden created to be your own sacred area. This can be a space for meditation, reflection or socializing ? such as a pavilion, teahouse or comfortable seating area. While it?s important to use traditional elements of a Zen garden, it?s also important that you personalize yours. Traditionally, Zen gardens incorporate the elements of Yin and Yang, which are opposite elements of nature that complement and balance each other, such as mountains and the sea or the earth and the heavens.

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