I found this article on the basics of water gardening by Kit and Ben Knotts who created a website dedicated to water gardening back in 2001. They explain the different types of container that you can use ranging from the preformed pond that you can buy at garden centers to waterproof liners and concrete. Then they discuss the types of plants that are suitable for a garden pond. If you’ve wondered about building a pond but weren’t sure where to start here is the info you need.

All you need to begin water gardening is a container that will hold water! It can be small or large, ambitious or modest, but we promise it will be fun! A pond can be anything from a teacup to a natural bottom lake and the plants can be diminutive moisture-loving herbs or gigantic water platters, Victoria.
Most people begin with a small pond. It can be a preformed plastic container, above the ground or sunk into it, readily available at garden centers and discount stores. It can be a “liner” pond, made with the excellent flexible materials available. Or it can be concrete, not practical in some areas but our personal choice. Water gardening in containers, such as big fish bowls, half-barrels or other decorative pots, offers all the same opportunities – just in smaller spaces, perfect for the patio or condo gardener.
Once your pond type and style has been chosen, the next consideration is plants for it. We strongly suggest that you see if a garden center in your area specializes in or is knowledgeable about aquatic plants. (If they know about this web site they probably know their stuff :>) ) They will be able to help you make the right plant choices for your locale. What look do you want? Do you want colors and textures, tall or short, lily pads and flowers or a combination of all? Our galleries can help you decide.

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