How To Create A Sensory Garden

A sensory garden is one that is designed to engage with all five of our senses. Generally when planning a flower bed we think about colors and how they will look. Then we may want to choose fragrant varieties to add the sense of smell. Often we will stop there and ignore the other three senses of sound, touch and taste which complete the five elements of a sensory garden. This article by Marianne Lipanovich which I found on the Houzz website shows how you can create your own sensory space.

The concept of a sensory garden may have gotten its start as a way to open up gardening to those with special needs, but it turns out that a garden that appeals to all five of our senses is pleasurable for everyone. Creating your own sensory garden, whether you incorporate your entire yard or just carve out a separate space, allows you to enjoy its benefits anytime you want.

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Feature photo: Pamela Bateman Garden Design

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