Creating an attractive garden takes time and effort, but gardening should not be all about hard work. Half the fun of gardening is lost if you do not not make time to sit back and enjoy the results of your labor. And the best way to do this is to create a special space where you can relax in peace. This article by Anne Gibson which I found on The Micro Gardener website contains some great tips for creating a relaxing garden sanctuary.

Having a garden is not all about doing. One of the most enjoyable?things in life?is finding?a nook to sit and reflect. A garden sanctuary is vital to your health and wellbeing. A place to observe, sip a glass of wine, grab a mug of steaming coffee,?a book?… and just ‘be.’
A garden sanctuary provides many health benefits.

?The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.? ? Hanna Rion

Whether you love formal, country charm, something modern, simple or rustic – in this busy life, a place to relax is essential. A spot?to restore your soul, health, wellbeing and take time out.?

Tips for Your Relaxing Garden Sanctuary . . .

1. Think about any issues?in your?outdoor area.

  • Do you want to create privacy from a neighbour, street or building?
  • Seek some shade in a hot climate? Or sit in a sunny spot on a cold day?
  • Do you need protection from the wind or a?noisy?street?

Relax in a shady private garden sanctuary amongst colourful plants
DESIGN TIP: Can you move potted plants around to create shade?or?privacy? Tall plants may help?soften the noise or act as a windbreak.
2.?Consider how?you want to use?your space.

  • Do you want to sit amongst fragrant colourful flowers?
  • Reach out and grab some fresh herbs to make a cuppa from an edible garden?
  • Observe wildlife, birds, pets or animals?
  • Spend time alone or with family and friends?

Garden sanctuary idea: A calming blue seat in a fragrant flower garden - a perfect place to observe nature and relax.
DESIGN TIP: Make a list of the important factors you want in your space. e.g. peace, a place to view and feed wild birds, smell perfume from flowers or?read. Once these are clear, you can install a bird feeder, add potted flowers, etc. and create your garden sanctuary.

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