How To Create A Fragrant Container Garden

This is for someone who has a balcony or small patio and would like to grow some fragrant flowers in a planter. While colorful flowers can look stunning the addition of scented varieties adds an extra dimension which more than doubles your enjoyment. And it’s not just the flowers that are fragrant, there are also plants with scented leaves. You will discover lists of fragrant flowers in this article which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site.

Do you want to enjoy a fragrant garden? Do not deprive yourself because you have a small garden. Majority of the fragrant plants are mainly vines or shrubs and you can easily grow them in pots. You can arrange these fragrant plants on your balcony, patio or rooftop garden according to your preference and climate.

Gardenia Tree in small fragrant garden
Even a single gardenia flower can fill your small fragrant garden with seductive perfume.

No other sense is more provoking and evoking than smell of fragrance. A fragrant garden that exudes delicious sweet notes is a real pleasure. Some plants use their scent to attract pollinators, bees, moths and butterflies. Others, however, use their fragrance to repel away unwanted insects and pests.

Lilacs are beautiful cut flowers, their light fragrance can make any atmosphere more lively
In addition to the pleasure of variety of scents, you will have the pleasure to enjoy a lively and animated garden filled with joyful fragrances and aromas.?The more your garden is small (a balcony or terrace), the more easily the fragrance will sweep over it.

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