How To Create A Floral Feast Topiary

How To Create A Floral Feast Topiary

Not sure what exactly a floral feast topiary is? Nor was I until I discovered this amazing creation. And not only will you be able to feast your eyes on the details of its floral, fruit and veggie ingredients, but you will find complete step-by-step instructions on how you can make one of your own. This awesome topiary is the work of Debra Prinzing which I found on the Slow Flowers Journal.

The theme of this year?s Northwest Flower & Garden Show ? A Taste of Spring ? inspired my??Floral Feast? entry for the floral design competition.

The final installation, on display at the February 2017 Northwest Flower & Garden Show
It is fitting that I borrowed from the culinary world and the ?Slow Food? ethos because that has been the influence for Slow Flowers??education and advocacy projects that encourage consumers and professionals in the floral industry to support domestic and locally-grown flowers. Here?s how I created what you might consider a Floral-Fruit-Veggie Topiary:


Details, details, details . . .

The elevated copper-hued serving basket stands on a smooth cross-section of wood as a base. The top tray as ?serving platter? is filled with a towering rainbow of edible food and flowers. The color palette begins at the bottom (Purple/Violet) and continues as a gradient to the top (Red) with a radish-ringed artichoke finial. Here are the ingredients:
Purple/Violet: ornamental cabbage, hyacinth, dried lavender, anemones
Green/Chartreuse: cymbidium orchids, Brussel sprouts, bay, green ranunculus, rosemary sprigs
Yellow: Gerbera daisies, tulips, ranunculus
Orange: tulips, grevillea flowers, kumquat fruit
Red: ranunculus, kalanchoe flowers, red peppers, anemones, radishes

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