How To Create A Cactus Garden

How To Create A Cactus Garden

While cacti are ideal for areas of hot weather and low rainfall there is no reason why people living in more temperate zones should not consider growing these attractive plants. There are many varieties of cactus which vary in shape and size which can make an interesting section of the garden. There are fifteen examples illustrated in this article which comes from the Garden Lovers Club website.

If you live in a dessert area where rain is not a common occurrence, then having a garden may be a difficult task. The solution? Create a cactus garden that does not require a lot of water to thrive. You can easily add other plants to your garden, but you will want to stick to the cactus family and succulents. I created a cactus garden a few years ago, and without much care and maintenance, the garden became one of the highlights of my yard.
This guide is designed to help you create a cactus garden that you will adore. We have an inspirational list filled with images of some great cactus garden?ideas that you can create with cactus, but before we begin considering the specific ideas, let?s take a look at some tips that may be helpful while you are creating your cactus garden.

1. Succulent Cactus Garden

The first thing that you see in this delightful little rock garden is the bright pink blooms on the top of a few of the cactus plants. The front of the garden features a variety of succulents that helps to make the garden look fuller.

2. A Patch of Cactus Plants

Source: Garden Design Magazine
When you look out across the desert plains in this next idea, you can see a large amount of small rounded cactus plants that stretch out into the distance from the deck. There are also taller cactuses of to the side.

3. Mound of Cactuses

I love the way that this idea implements a mound of cactus plants in the center of the garden. There is a sand shaded wall in the background that looks great behind a cactus garden, especially a blooming one.

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