How To Choose Colors To Set The Garden's Mood

We all know that colors can affect our mood and so we decorate our houses to suit the feeling we want to create in each room. The same applies in the garden where the colors of the flowers will determine whether our outdoor space is cheerful, energizing or calm. In this article which I found on the Houzz website Lauren Dunec Hoang describes three color palettes that help to set the garden’s mood.

Nothing has more immediate impact on the mood of a garden than color. When it comes to putting together a garden color palette, you can first decide how you want a space to make you feel and then choose the color scheme accordingly. If you want a cheerful and inviting space, choose foliage and blooms in light and medium pastel shades. If you?d like to feel energized, go for a high-contrast pairing of fiery red flowers and deep purple foliage. For a feeling of tranquility, turn to blooms in peaceful blues and whites.
Don?t know where to begin? Take a look at garden beds in three pleasing color palettes that each set a specific mood for the landscape.
Feature photo: Bliss Garden Design