How Not To Buy Too Many Flower Seeds

The perennial problem in the seed catalogue season is how to resist the urge to order far too many of their colorful offerings. In my experience the results rarely live up to the perfect plants illustrated in the catalogue, but since flower seeds are generally fairly inexpensive does it really matter? A more sensible approach is the one adopted by Lynne Cherot as she explains in her article which I found on her Sensible Gardening website.

This sounds like an easy question but it really isn?t. As the seed catalogues come pouring in with their beautiful photos and descriptions it is very hard not to be overwhelmed and get a bit carried away. Everything looks wonderful and I have just the right spot for it, or do I really?

Sensible Gardening and Living

Over the years I?ve learned that the best approach for me is to start making my wish list early, and edit it often. When I do this I eliminate that spur of the moment buying pattern and get down to those flower seeds which I will realistically have time, space and conditions to grow successfully. After I?m satisfied with that, I go back and add on a couple of wonder lust choices because you just never know.
I also do a little research on my own from different sources on any particular plant. I often find that many a seed catalogue are a bit generous when it comes to plant hardiness zones.? A little research done by myself gives me all the real facts I need to make a purposeful choice for which seeds to plant. I also learn a lot in the process.
Some seeds I will start indoors over the next few weeks and others will be planted right into the garden soil come spring. Planting seeds right into the garden is by far the easiest way. I don?t have a fancy set up for growing plants from seeds so I have to keep these choices to a minimum. Here are a few choices I?m planning on growing next season.
Alcea rosea / Hollyhock Indian Spring Mix

Hollyhock / Sensible Gardening and Living

I?ve always loved hollyhocks, they are such an old fashioned cottage style flower. I?ve grown them quite successfully on the south side of my garden and the doubled flowered varieties are quite charming. This variety is large single and semi-double flowers on tall 7 foot plants. Should be fun.

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