The Hacker's Guide to Pruning

Novice gardeners may have heard that trees and shrubs require regular pruning, but not be entirely sure exactly what this entails. While it is easy enough to find information on how to prune, this often includes unfamiliar terms like ?heading? or ?thinning? which may be confusing. I came across this article by Noelle Johnson who is a certified arborist and so the ideal person to explain what these terms mean. This comes from the Houzz website.

When it?s time to prune your favorite shrub or tree ? deciduous trees should be pruned in winter, while evergreen trees are best pruned after flowering ? it?s important to do so properly so you can ensure a healthy, attractive plant. And if you?ve looked into pruning, you?ve probably heard terms like ?crown raising,? ?heading? or ?thinning,? among others, being used to describe the type of pruning method needed. But what do these words all mean?
As a certified arborist, I talk to clients about their trees? and shrubs? pruning needs, which includes explaining what the above-mentioned words mean. So, I?m here to break down the definitions of a few of the most common and essential pruning terms so you can confidently move forward in caring for your plants? pruning needs, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.
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