Guide to Growing a Windowsill Herb Garden

If you want to have fresh herbs available through the winter months the answer is to grow them indoors on your windowsill. This guide is ideal for people who have not tried growing herbs in this way before since it covers questions such as what type of soil to use and what fertilizer is required. More importantly it describes the best herbs to choose for a windowsill. I came across this guide on the Get Busy Gardening website.

I remember the first time I experienced an inner-city ?herb garden.? It was a fourth-floor corner flat in London Euston, the inhabitant of which was a grizzled new-age pensioner who was also my soon-to-be landlady. The old terracotta pots, stacked just outside the doorway, along with the green array of kitchen-window plants, certainly added a unique charm to the space.
Windowsill herb garden
Because of their notable characteristics ? striking scents, healing powers and long culinary history ? many herbs have attained mythical status. Rosemary?s blue flowers, for example, are remnants of the shroud that the Virgin Mary draped over its branches whilst resting (?rose? of Mary). Likewise, if you decide to grow a bay tree, keep a close eye on it. The withering away of leaves may portend coming disaster.

Hanging herbs to dry

Hanging herbs to dry

So your indoor herb garden needn?t just be a source of free garnishes (though they are rather good for that). They?ll add a touch of enchantment to your kitchen too. If you want to become a successful indoor herb garden grower, follow these DIY?indoor herb garden tips.
Despite the fact that growing herbs indoors is popular, they can be challenging to maintain. Many herbs come from hot, dry environments that are also prone to cooler temperatures. Rosemary and thyme, for instance, are often found on hillsides and coastal cliffs. I?ve had trouble growing both plants indoors during the hottest summer months.

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