If you are looking for a change from growing the usual vegetables, why not try growing peanuts? I haven’t tried myself, but I’m told that it’s really easy to do. You have a choice of four main types; Valencia, Spanish, Runners and Virginia. Depending on which seeds you choose the time to harvest varies from 95 to 150 days. I found an article on the Weekend Gardener website which has full instructions on how to grow this crop.

Have you ever wanted to try to grow your own peanuts but thought it was too complicated?? Well, believe it or not, growing peanuts is really easy and fun to do.? So continue reading to learn how to grow your peanuts.

The first thing you will need when you consider growing your own peanuts is the ?seeds.?? Yes, I said seeds.? These can be found in several different seed catalogues.? But did you know that you can also find viable peanuts at the grocery store?? Well, you can but?? need to make sure that they are raw, which means they are not boiled or roasted.? Either one of these treatments will cause the ?seeds? to be unviable.
Next, what are your choices in peanut seeds?? There are four general types of peanuts. ?The first one is the Valencia.? This peanut is ready to harvest in 95 to 100 days after planting.? Each peanut hull will have three to six peanuts.
The Spanish peanut is one that produces small, rounded nuts.? This particular type of peanut is drought tolerant and grows upright.? Once planted, this peanut will need to be harvested around the 110 day mark.
Runners are a variety that is very popular in the southern states.? As the name implies this type of peanut plant runs along the ground.? This type of peanut plant produces medium nuts that come in pairs in the peanut hull.? Runners need warm weather and a lot of moisture.? Their harvest period is between 130 and 150 days after planting.
The last variety is the Virginia, which is the one that produces the largest peanuts.? This peanut plant looks very much like a runner but the true difference is the size of the nut.? Each peanut hull will contain two large peanuts.? Once planted, the Virginia will need to be harvested between 130 and 150 days.
Ok, now that we know our choices lets learn how to plant peanuts.? The first thing one will need to consider is where to plant peanuts.? The best situation is to plant peanuts in a sandy, well-draining soil that is not rocky for at least 18 inches.? Well, this sounds really good but in the really world, you normally do not find that perfect location.? The key is to make sure that the soil is well-draining and that your growing season is long enough for the mature growing date of the variety you have chosen.

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