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Apples grow on trees so if you only have a small garden you might think that you would not have room for one. In fact there are small varieties that can be grown in a very limited space. The one requirement is location. The tree must be in full sun throughout the day. Provided this can be achieved then you will have no problem. I came across an article by Jeanne Grunert which gives you all the details on choosing the right type of tree and its subsequent care.

You can grow apple trees, even in small spaces.
Although many people find that the scent of pumpkin spice reminds them of fall, for others, it?s the sharp, sweet scent of apples that reminds them of the golden days of autumn. A gnarled old apple tree gracing an orchard is a beautiful thing, but so too is a dwarf apple tree tucked neatly behind an urban townhouse or an espaliered apple maximizing limited space alongside a fence or garage. Fortunately for apple aficionados, apple trees are versatile and adaptable, and can be grown in very limited space.
Basic Apple Culture Primer
While it?s true that you can grow apple trees in small space, it?s important to choose the right space for your tree. That goes for any tree, but even more so for apples. Apple trees require full sun. Morning sun is especially important since it dries the dew from the leaves and prevents rust and other diseases. Make sure that the location where you intend to plant your apple tree receives bright, full and direct sunlight.
Apple trees can be container-grown or planted directly into the garden soil. They do like sandy loam or sandy clay soil with a pH near 6.5, so have your soil tested by your local Cooperative Extension Office to get their recommendations for improving it before planting trees.
Pruning often confuses newcomers to the world of growing apple trees, but pruning apples can be learned. Most trees are pruned with a central leader or trunk and extended branches. The branches should look like rungs on a ladder. For more on pruning apple trees, see the North Carolina Cooperative Extension site.
Tree Sizes for Small Spaces
Apple trees are designated at dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard sizes. This doesn?t refer to the size of the fruit but to the mature tree height. For small spaces, your only choice is dwarf. Semi-dwarf and standard size trees will just grow too large for tiny spaces.
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Image source: Thomas Kohler

I am a keen gardener and so created Garden Pics and Tips for people who love gardens and enjoy great pictures of plants and gardens. Also covered are practical tips on all aspects of gardening.

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