Grow These Winter Flowering Plants To Feed The Bees

While it is quite easy to choose flowers to provide nectar for bees and other pollinators in the spring and summer months, we need to remember that these insects still need to feed during the winter. Fortunately there are some flowers and shrubs that bloom at this season and now is the time to plant them in the border. This article by Aislin Suparak Gibson which I found on the Houzz website describes how to add drama and food for pollinators with winter blooming flowers.

Halloween?s arrival means it?s time to set out treats for little ghosts, fairy princesses and bees. Yes, bees. Plant now for blooms in winter and early spring that will feed pollinators. As a bonus, these beauties are easy to care for, since they?re well-acclimated to cold temperatures. Their dramatic foliage and vivid colors make them a mysterious and bold color splash for fall and throughout the holidays.
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