These days we are all more aware of the need to cut down on the amount of water we use in our gardens, so it makes sense to grow flowers that are drought tolerant. Luckily this does not mean that you are restricted to cacti and succulents which are great in the right setting, but on their own lack the interest of other perennials. I found an article by Amanda on the American Meadows website which describes nine drought tolerant perennial flowers, some of which I had not realized came into this category.

Many gardeners are looking to conserve water in their gardens. Whether you?re experiencing drought, or are looking for low-maintenance plants for your sunny landscape, drought-tolerant perennials are a great choice. We’re all trying to move towards a more sustainable approach to gardening, and drought-tolerant perennials are a big step in the right direction. Conserving water is a definite plus, no matter where you live. Many think of cactus and succulents as drought-tolerant plants, but there are perennial varieties in all shapes, sizes and colors that create a lush, water-wise landscape all season long. Like all plants just getting started, these varieties will need to be watered in their first year to become established in your garden, but after that will thrive mostly on rainwater.

Thyme is an easy-to-grow groundcover that adds gorgeous color to the mid-season garden floor. All parts of the plant are fragrant, and they spread the scent wherever they’re planted.
Various members of the large, diverse thyme tribe are used in herb gardens, of course, but also as ornamentals in flower gardens and as ground covers. Its pinkish flowers and signature foliage that is usually grey-green, make it highly decorative. Best of all, the plants require almost no care once they are established. Creeping Thyme Coccineus is one of our favorite flowering groundcovers, growing in full sun or partial shade.
Sedum, also known as Stonecrop, illuminates the late season garden with spectacular color. These succulents have thick leaves that store moisture, which makes them the perfect candidate for full sun and low moisture conditions. Sedum is perfect for low-maintenance landscapes, rock gardens and dry soil. Autumn Joy might be the most famous, its pink blooms bringing color to the fall garden. Whether you?re in California or Vermont, Sedum is a must-have in any perennial garden.

Who doesn?t love the intense scent of Lavender in the garden and dried for use indoors? The best thing about Lavender is that it?s also drought-tolerant, preferring dry soil and full sun. This iconic plant is tough and dependable as long as there isn?t too much moisture in the garden, coming back each year and delighting with spiky blooms in the summer months. Bonus: Lavender is also deer resistant! Lavender Munstead might be our most popular, with highly fragrant blooms that are perfect for drying. If you?re looking for something smaller for containers, Lavender Mini Blue grows to only 10-12? tall.

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