If there is one insect that does not have any redeeming features it must be the mosquito. Even one is enough to spoil the enjoyment of your patio. While the ten plants on this list are not guaranteed to be fully effective, they will certainly help and allow you to cut down on sprays and lotions and other deterrents. This list has been compiled by Duston McGroarty and is from an article on the Backyard Growers website.

You spend years planning and building your dream backyard patio. Then, as you sit enjoying your backyard, you hear the dreaded buzz of a mosquito as it zips past your ear. What?s a person to do? Do you run back inside your house in fear?
No way! Take back your yard and patio! Here are 10 plants that will discourage these disease carrying, annoying pests from ever bothering you again.
Please note: some of these plants can be crushed up and used with essential oils as sprays. But please test a small area of your skin, or that of your child, before use. While these plants can be very effective, they can also be pretty strong.

  1. ?Basil (Ocimum americanum).

Want to repel mosquitoes? Plant an herb garden and make sure you put Basil in it. Basil can be used as a spray and is also effective if planted nearby your outdoor living space.

  1. Garlic (Allium sativum).

Once only thought effective for cooking and repelling Vampires., you can also use garlic to repel mosquitoes. Simply cut some up and sprinkle around the area you want to keep the pests from. Or you can crush it and add aromatic oils and use as a spray.

  1. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia).

Lavender is not only pretty and smells good ~ it also helps repel mosquito?s. That?s right. Just plant this as a border or plant pots, filled with this wonderful smelling plant, and place them wherever you like. You can also mix with essential oils and put on your skin for even more protection.

  1. Mexican Marigolds (Tagetes lucida).

While the smell may be fairly offensive to most of us, the smell of these plants, are also offensive to the mosquito. Plant some around your patio, or in your yard, and use them like cut flowers around your deck or patio.

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