Grow Sweet Peas For Their Intoxicating Scents

As well as their fragrance sweet peas have delicate flowers in colors ranging from white and red to purple. Apparently they are native to Sicily but have been grown in gardens since the 17th Century. Sweet peas can be tricky to grow from seed but you can always buy plants from a garden center in the spring. Once they reach full size they produce masses of blooms for cutting. To find out more read this article which I found on Dave’s Garden website.

Over the centuries, sweet peas have garnered the reputation of being the divas of the cottage garden: difficult to germinate, slightly finicky, and tough to grow. While there may be a grain of truth to this, sweet peas can still make a wonderful outdoor addition when the conditions are right.

Sweet peas (or Lathyrus odoratus) are native to Sicily and have been grown in gardens since the British horticulturist Henry Eckford began cross-breeding them in the 17th century. Since then, these plants have become famous for their delicate flowers, intoxicating scents, and pastel shades. Modern varieties are available in several colors, including white, blue, purple, red, and pink. Some sweet peas even feature beautiful bi-colored flowers. While some varieties only give off a subtle scent, most boast a full-bodied, sweet, and sensuous perfume that’s difficult to duplicate.

Why Plant Sweet Peas

sweet pea flowers
While most plant enthusiasts would agree that sweet peas are beautiful, the special care required to start them from seed can be intimidating to new gardeners. Still, those who’ve made the effort will tell you that sweet peas have added color, fragrance, and overall visual interest to their gardens. Plus, they flower profusely, making it easy to create a ton of bouquets for you and your friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy! Sweet pea flowers continue to fill a room with their heavenly scent long after they?re cut ? especially if you cut them in the morning when the aroma is at its strongest and sweetest.
Although they can technically grow anywhere, sweet peas tend to do better in places with cooler weather. Specifically, they prefer mild winters and cooler summers. Sweet pea seeds have to be sown in cool weather, and their flowers typically bloom right before the temperature starts to climb.

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