Grow Mexican Heather For Ground Cover And Wildlife

Just to confuse you Mexican heather is not as its name suggests a true heather which explains its other common name of False Heather. Despite its name this plant is a useful ground cover with small pink flowers that attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. As well as being grown in this way Mexican Heather can also be planted in a container as Noelle Johnson explains in her article which I found on the Houzz website.

Versatility is the first word that comes to mind when talking about false heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia), also commonly called Mexican heather. This is due to its ability to grow in so many different areas and climates. While it?s not a true heather, its name comes from its lacy foliage and low growth habit.
Grown as a perennial throughout much of the southern half of the U.S., this shrubby ground cover is also used as an annual in colder climates, or brought inside to overwinter. The combination of small leaves and flowers adds a delicate touch of lush green with a splash of purple to landscapes. Whether planted in the ground as a border or used in a container, false heather can find a home in almost any garden.
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