The picture you see above may not look very attractive, but when you realize that it shows thousands of hardwood cuttings in a bed you cannot fail to be impressed. You are unlikely to want thousands of cuttings, but this is just to prove that anyone can grow hardwood cuttings successfully wherever they live. I came across an article by Mike McGroarty on his Mike’s Backyard Nursery website in which he explains how he plants these cuttings right through the winter. Mike also includes a list of plants that are suitable to use as cuttings.

What if I told you that you could make hundreds of ?Free Plants?, right now, in January?

Crazy right?? Gardening in the dead of winter, even if you live in a cold, northern state?? It?s not crazy and there are actually things work better now than they do during the growing season.
Trust me, if this didn?t work, I wouldn?t waste my time doing this.
Look at the above bed.? Those are hardwood cuttings and we actually waited, waited and waited for the plants to freeze so we could take these cuttings and stick them in sand.? Almost all of these were stuck in the month of December.? We started filling this bed in late November and finished up in mid December.
Typically you can do hardwood cuttings from the end of November through mid to late March depending on where you live.? Here in Ohio we can stick hardwood cuttings right up until April 1st.? That?s pretty much the cut off date.

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Image source: Mike’s Backyard Nursery