Small Space For A Garden? DIY Garden In A Mint Tin


Horticultural Improvisation

You don?t need a plot of land, requisite landscaping equipment, and experience as a farmer to be successful at gardening. All you need is dirt, water, seeds, and a safe place to nurture growth.

As a matter of fact, do you like the ?curiously strong? minty flavor of Altoids? These little breath enhancers come in a metal tin that?s about three and three quarter inches by a little more than two and a third inches. The tins are a little under an inch high, and can be your perfect miniature garden.

What you can do is pop the lid off, poke four holes in the bottom in a rectangular configuration, then put the lid on the bottom over the holes you?ve poked as a means of catching water. From there, you fill the tin up with soil and seeds, watering it incrementally to foster seed growth.

You can grow little cactuses, radishes, mint, or any number of plants. You may be able to husband a tiny little garden that has a feel much like a Bonsai tree in a spherical container festooning the living room in a classic Japanese residence. One of the most advantageous aspects of such horticultural improvisation is your ability to nurture a surprising variety of plants.

Plants, People, And Proper Health

Indoors, you?ve got greater control over light, moisture, and water. You can go to a provider of seeds like Seed Needs, pick out those which most interest you, and truly get to know such plants at a basic level. Some plants will conform to a small space, built-in restrictors keeping them from growing too big when there isn?t enough soil. Others grow big with shallow roots.

People need proper exercise and diet to flourish?additionally, they need to get their mind in the right headspace; things like technology can actually be unhealthy. Plants are similar. Did you ever hear about that rice experiment in Japan? A scientist yelled at one conglomeration of rice, cussing it out regularly, praised another, and did nothing to a third.

The rice he yelled at putrefied. The rice he praised fermented. The rice he did nothing to decomposed regularly, as rice does. Plants are similar. When you play music to them, talk kindly to them, and water them, you may be surprised at what you?re able to accomplish. Using a mint-tin as a flower pot can open interior spaces to many decorative possibilities.

For example, there are six kinds of vines that actually grow well in containers. Certainly there are more, but the following six are fairly popular: Bougainvillea, Clematis, English Ivy, Mandevilla, Star Jasmine, and Wisteria. Each of these have advantages and idiosyncrasies worth considering. You may be able to grow a few vines from a mint tin.

Harvesting Your Tin And Improving Your Gardening Skill

Do a little research online to find which options best fit what you?ve got in mind. If you do it right, you can grow a vine such that it spreads all throughout a room, and is rooted in a container that?s easy to move. Perhaps the tin won?t quite be large enough; then again, it may produce miniaturized vines you can use to complete scenes of the diorama variety.

Wheatgrass and other grasses grow well in a mint tin, as do certain species of cacti. If you?re working an office job with a cubicle, little projects like these are the perfect solution to liven up your workspace in a manageable, portable way that?s pleasant and remarkable without being over-the-top. You can see plants growing daily, and become accustomed to watering them as part of your regular schedule.

Whether you?re looking to grow some tiny flowers, grasses you can harvest, vegetables, cacti, or perhaps even a few little vines, there?s much potential in an empty metal tin otherwise used for mints then thrown away. Such tins are only the tip of the iceberg, too. All kinds of receptacles can be transformed into planters; just use your imagination on what?s available.

Here?s the secret to having a green thumb: you must be passionate enough about gardening and husbanding flora to try different things, and follow through with your experimentation. Do that and even a bleak office in the corner of a room full of fluorescent lights with no windows can become a mild subtropical climate peaceful to your mind and soul.