Discover how a professional designer transformed a drab condo courtyard into what she describes as “an intimate tropical retreat”. Starting from a basic yard with a few pots the first task was to make a plan. The small space lead to the choice of containers over a flowerbed and choosing foliage over flowers with the addition of a few tall architectural plants. The designer is Susan Morrison who explains how she completed the makeover in her article which I found on the Life on the Balcony website.

When Debbie hired me to turn her drab, condominium courtyard into an intimate tropical retreat, I?d like to say my design experience and aesthetics were what led her to me. ?The reality?? Debbie was struggling to find any designer willing to take on such a small project.? Luckily for her (and me), she called when I was immersed in researching and writing Garden Up! Smart Vertical Design for Small and Large Spaces with co-author Rebecca Sweet and looking for opportunities to highlight vertical solutions for small gardens.? As a firm believer that small spaces deserve the same design attention usually reserved for over-sized gardens, I was thrilled to help her make over her 10?x16? courtyard ? and to do it within her modest budget.

Besides the obvious difficulties of limited space and proximity to neighbors, Debbie faced the additional challenge of a space-hogging A/C unit and HOA restrictions that prohibited attaching anything to the neighbor?s wall ? as fate would have it, the one I?d mentally marked as the future focal point wall as soon as I stepped into the courtyard.? Debbie hoped to enjoy her garden from both the inside and out, and requested a design that would provide a lush and colorful view from the family room, while still having as much seating as possible for entertaining on warm summer evenings.

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