Flowers For A Fragrant Garden

A garden full of colorful flowers is a sight to see, but without a few scented varieties the picture is not complete. When you grow fragrant flowers and plants you add an extra dimension to the garden which will increase your enjoyment to a great degree. Fortunately there are many plants you can grow to create a scented garden and this article by Kathy Vilim which I found on the Houzz website covers several ranging from vines and herbs to roses.

You can go beyond a visually appealing garden by tapping into another sense: the sense of smell. Scents can bring a feeling of familiarity, rekindle old memories and create new memories. There are many fragrant plants that you can incorporate to create a garden that friends will remember and that will make you feel at home. What types of plants to use? It depends on where you live and your available space.
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