I came across a blog called pbmGarden by a blogger who describes herself as “A wife ? mother? sister ? friend ? artist ? yogi ? software developer and a gardener, contemplating plants and renovating my perennial garden in Chapel Hill, NC” but does not reveal her name. Her post takes you on a tour of her garden with a panoramic view followed by pictures of plants in flower including the daphne shown above.

Today, Saturday,?was a beauty of a day here in Chapel Hill with sunny skies and pleasant temperature of 61?F (16?C). In contrast, forecasts call for rain and maybe even a snow flurry Sunday morning?and?unseasonably cold on Monday with highs only in mid 30s and low?18?F.
Just after the grass was cut yesterday another heavy rain started falling.?The ground was?completely saturated again this morning.
Freshly Mown Grass Beside Meditation CIrcle
I stitched together a panorama capturing most of the garden as it appeared around 8:45 a.m. looking westward from the top of the screen porch stairs. Sunlight was just reaching into the tops of the trees; the garden was still shaded.
Garden Panorama 2016-01-16
About an hour later I had a chance to inspect the borders more closely. With leaves caked in mud this poor hyacinth,?alternately?enticed by days of warm sunlight?and?bashed by rain and cold, is the only one of its group to open. Others are up, but remain in tight bud.
Hyacinth orientalis ?Woodstock?
Hyacinth orientalis ?Woodstock?

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Image source: Leonora Enking