Enjoy This Gallery Of Spring Blooms

Enjoy This Gallery Of Spring Blooms

This gallery of photos is the work of Photographer Andreana Bitsis and shows off the full splendor of spring at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. You will see pale mauve wisteria clambering over an arbor, cherry blossoms galore and a profusion of pink peonies. And that is just for a start. So sit back and enjoy this gallery which I found on the Garden Collage website.

From lush wisteria to bright pink cherry blossoms and every tree peony and lilac in between, Photographer Andreana Bitsis captures the magic of Spring in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
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Wisteria is most often found out in the garden, climbing up walls or curling between latices? but it can also?be?a lovely addition to bouquets. Its draping lantern shape adds volume to larger arrangements, filling them out and imbuing them with scent.
Unfortunately, wisteria?s place is mostly?in the garden? cut wisteria doesn?t survive very long, which is why you?re unlikely to see it at your local flower shop. Your best bet is to simply take a few clippings from the yard? read more tips on how to care for this lovely bloom in our Ask Ella series, here.
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Catch BBG?s burgeoning blossoms at their best and other highlights of the season in this free Garden-wide guided walk. The next Seasonal Highlights Tour takes place on Friday, May 5th from 1 to 2 PM? but check the garden?s website for an update on the latest and greatest events and programming.
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Cherry Blossoms are not only the national flower of Japan, but an enduring symbol of diplomatic relations between Japan and the united states (the iconic cherry blossom esplanade in Washington, D.C., for example, were donated to the U.S. government by Japanese diplomats). The Brooklyn Botanic Garden?s annual?Sakura Matsuri festival is just one of several cherry blossom festivals that occur all over the world, but each celebration is unique to the community and country where it takes place.

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