While it’s the flowers in a garden that provide most of the color, the vegetable patch is more concerned with the production of crops for the kitchen. But come harvest time the vegetables come into their own and shine in all the colors of the rainbow. I came across this article by Megan Cain on her Creative Vegetable Gardener website which is a celebration of the colors of harvest.

If you had to pick a favorite time in your vegetable garden judging by aesthetics alone, which?would it be? Spring, summer, fall (and winter if you?re one of the lucky ones) each have their own color palette. The colors of early spring are gentle and fresh ???the tender greens of newly emerging seedlings, the chartreuse of the trees pushing out their first leaves, and the soft whites, pinks and yellows of the early flowers.
Summer is when the color party really gets started. Those muted tones of spring flowers give way to the stronger purples, yellows, red and oranges of summer. Your vegetable plants start to put on exponential growth and become a deeper green. The first colorful fruits and vegetables can be seen peeking through the plants.

colorful vegetable harvest

Fall brings the slanting light that gently caresses the vegetables and keeps them?looking their best for the camera, the riot of color from annuals tumbling over themselves, and the harvests. Oh, the harvests! There?s every color imaginable in the baskets and bowls that overflow your kitchen counters.
Fall is my favorite time in my garden. The colors pull me in and beckon me to stay awhile with my camera. I open the living room curtains every morning so I can get a full view of my garden in all its glory. It?s with my gorgeous fall garden that I can finally pronounce the season a success!
I love bright colors, and fall?is the season when they?re on display in all of their striking combinations and happy accidents. The flowers and vegetables are shouting from the garden, ?Look at me! ?See how beautiful I am!?
That?s why this is the perfect time for a garden tour focusing on the rainbow of colors that is the fall vegetable garden.
It?s the flowers I plant throughout my garden that really brings my design together. Notice in the below photo how your eye is drawn to the colorful pops of the annuals.
vegetable garden with flowers
The fall garden is when my annual flowers really set off pops of explosive color that make my heart so happy!
yellow flower in garden
The insects in my garden are so artsy they like to match themselves to the flower they?re playing on.

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