For a change this is not a long list of spring flowering plants, but a select few from a single garden. The garden belongs to Dave and Diane from the Homemade Food website and they are proud to show off their spring bloomers. Peonies are a particular favorite and there are several varieties as you will see from their article below.

My favorite time of year is spring. Especially when we have a spring like this one! Warm winter followed by warm spring means plenty of blooming flowers in April. By May we enjoy a true symphony of color! I?d like to share of few of our favorites with you.

Spring Flowering Bushes You?ll Love

The bushes I?m showcasing for you are all reliable, easy care and gorgeous! If you are looking for some spring color and need some bushes to fill your yard; one or all of these may work great for you! We live in U.S.D.A Ag Zone 5. We are a wet, temperate zone. If you live in a different AG Zone, you may need to look up the zone hardiness for these plants. All of them have withstood strong N.E. Winds and temperatures down to zero. Wind chill brings it even lower occasionally. We have rather mild summers here. Mid 70s is our average. So if you?re really hot or really cold, look these flowering bushes up and see if you can grow them.

Spring Flowering Bushes You'll Love
The tree peonies are a very early spring bloomer. We look forward to their enormous blooms and cheerful display in April. ? Peonies love it here! I highly recommend them if they grow in your zone. Peonies come in many varieties and colors. All of them grow from rhizomes. Peonies transplant easily. They even transplant themselves. Many of the peonies we have, volunteered as starts from the mother plants. We just dig them up and find them a home!
I love peonies so much I just went out and bought my daughter two starts for her College ?graduation celebration. We both adore them. Now we have two more colors to share back and forth between our yards!

Red Peony -Spring Flowering Bushes You'll Love
Peonies are heavy feeders. For the best blooms and plant health, Alaska Fish Fertilizer works wonders! I hope you plant this wonderful spring bush. Pollinators love them! Pictured above is a bush peony in red. Unlike the tree Peony, this one grows low to the ground as a bush every year. In winter it dies back to ground level. We know it?s spring when we see these starting up from the ground!

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