Forget the cold and damp of the winter and stop worrying about the last minute arrangements for the Christmas holiday. Then just for a few minutes dream of the lazy hazy warm days of summer with colorful butterflies flying around in the sunshine. This collection of fifteen stunning photos has been assembled by the people at the Garden Lovers Club. Look out for the painted lady, the swallowtail and the monarch plus plenty more.

Butterfly gardens are created for the sole purpose of attracting and feeding butterflies. Often times you can find large enclosed butterfly gardens at zoos and public gardens but that doesn?t mean that without a little bit of research you can?t create a garden designed to bring gorgeous butterflies to your own garden.

With a little research into your area?s native butterflies, and what flowers they prefer, you too can get started creating a butterfly garden that will attract much more than just butterflies. You may see hummingbirds, honey bees, and even a few neighbors drawn in by the scent of your brand new garden.
Fragrance and color are key.?To set the mood, we have compiled a collection of photography taken in butterfly gardens of the beautiful butterflies and their flower counterparts.
We hope that you enjoy this gallery as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!

1. Painted Lady Butterflies on Butterfly Bush

This gorgeous combination of rusty, speckled orange against the brilliant purple of the flowers is a sight to behold. Some of the flowers these Painted Lady butterflies are attracted to are?giant goldenrods, marigolds, everlastings, aster, blazing stars, and?thistle. They are well-known throughout most of the world.

2. Swallow Tail Butterfly on Pink Blooms

This Swallowtail butterfly?s iridescent blue wings look stunning against this pink flower. Although a majority of swallowtail butterflies are tropical, there are members of the species on every continent except Antartica.?Depending on the family of butterflies,?they are attracted to various plants of the Birthwort family of flowering plants.

3. Orange Emigrant Butterfly on Marigold

This subtly marked Orange Emigrant butterfly is most commonly found in Southeast Asia and Australia. They are most commonly attracted to plants of the?Senna?family. Seen here on the Marigold, a remarkably sturdy and fragrant ?flower that is commonly seen in gardens in North America.

4. Black-Veined White on a Thistle

The Aporia crataegi butterfly, more commonly referred to as the?Black-Veined White, is found in?orchards and thickets throughout most of Europe, North America, temperate Asia, Korea, and Japan. They enjoy roses, rowan trees, bird cherry trees, apple trees, and hawthorns.

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Image source: Conal Gallagher