Enjoy Summer And Fall In This Woodland Garden

This is an unusual opportunity for a virtual visit to an amazing country garden and enjoy both its summer glory and the gradual progression into fall. The woodland is complemented by two ponds in part covered by the blooms of water lilies in summer and then becoming a splendid mirror for seasonal color in the fall. This garden in Caledon, Ontario is described in an article by Jennifer Connell which I found on the Three Dogs In A Garden website.

A pond is always a standout garden feature, but in the fall, the dark, reflective surface of the water becomes a splendid mirror for seasonal color, transforming a pond into something quite magical.
Frank and Sue Gooderson have not one, but two ponds in their country garden in Caledon, Ontario. The first and larger of the two ponds comes into view the moment you turn into the driveway. A curved wooden bridge divides the large oval pond into two smaller pools of water. A waterfall feeds the smaller of the two pools.
I first visited Frank and Sue’s garden back in August on the sunniest of summer days (unfortunately not the best circumstances for good landscape photography). I always like to show a garden at its best, so I determined to return again in October when the light is more golden and the leaves have begun to show their brilliant fall colors.
The Gooderson’s had a water feature in their previous home in Oakville, so when they moved to the countryside in retirement, another pond was definitely on their wish list.
The wide lot of their new country home dipped a little on one side and the ground there was quite marshy. This seemed like the perfect place to create a large, natural pond. They dug out the area and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, the only thing that happened was the weeds moved in. When rainwater failed to pool, a liner was added to hold water.