Enjoy Massive Blooms With A "Dinner Plate" Hibiscus

If you are looking for a plant that will make a dramatic statement and create a real wow factor in your garden then the Hibiscus moscheutos commonly known as the “Dinner Plate” Hibiscus has to be the one. As you see from the photos the flowers are some six inches in diameter and brightly colored in red, white and pink. To learn more about these fabulous flowers read this article by Mike McGroarty which comes from Mike’s Backyard Nursery website.

These dinner plate Hibiscus are what I call ?Instantly Fall in Love, Gotta have One Plants?.? As soon as somebody sees them they instantly want one.? And they are fairly easy to grow.? I have three different kinds of these plants in my landscape and I am crazy about them.
Lord Baltimore Dinner Plate Hibiscus.
They are perennials and die back to the ground at the end of each growing season.? When I first saw them I was really skeptical of how hardy they would really be.? I didn?t really have any place to plant them but I bought about five of them anyway then ended up leaving them in the pots, unprotected for the winter figuring I probably killed them.? I wasn?t happy about that, but my life is crazy and they just did not get planted last fall.
This spring they completely amazed me when they started growing.? We moved them out back where they would be watered and just last week I finally planted them in a new landscape planting that I did at the nursery.
They are loaded with extremely large, beautiful blooms and grew to a height of almost 48? this season alone.? Even though I neglected them last fall and winter.? And trust me, we had some really cold weather here in Northern Ohio. These are tough cookies and they are beautiful.? Now I wish I had 200 of each color to grow and sell!

Blue River Dinner Plate Hibiscus.
Blue River Dinner Plate Hibiscus.

I have yet to propagate these myself but I am told they can be grown from cuttings and can also be divided in the spring.

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