While dried lavender is available to buy in the store, it is quite easy to do this at home using flowers from the garden. Dried lavender has so many uses that this is one of those projects that is well worth the time it takes to do this yourself. As with many things, there is a right way to tackle this task if you want to achieve the best result and this article which I found on the Dengarden website tells you all you need to know.

There are many uses for dried lavender in and around the home. It can be used in home medical remedies, for scenting a room, in potpourri, for cooking, and for making lavender bags or lavender sachets.
Also, dried lavender is attractive and decorative. Some people hang them in bunches around the home or use them as part of a dried flower arrangement.
You can, of course, buy lavender already dried. But why would you when you can do it yourself at home?
It’s an easy plant to grow, and adds a wonderful scent and colour to any garden. It’s also a plant bees love, so you might not want to harvest all of it?leave a little for the bees.
Once you do grow lavender and harvest it, it’s fun to dry for use in all of the aforementioned projects. This article explains how best to cut and dry lavender, and how to store it for later use.

Choosing the Right Time to Harvest

A field of lavender grown commerically at a lavender farm in Spain.
A field of lavender grown commerically at a lavender farm in Spain.
You should pick your lavender when it has just opened fully and smells fragrant.
The newly-opened blossoms and fragrance means it has a strong concentration of the essential oils and freshness you want to preserve.
If you leave the flowers to bloom for longer, the dried bunches will be less potent.
It’s best to harvest lavender in the early evening, after a dry day. Harvesting at this time will mean that you do not need to dry any rain or morning/evening dew before being able to dry the flowers.

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