As fall turns to winter and there are no longer any flowers in the garden that you can use for indoor decoration, it’s time to think of dried flowers. It is amazing what gorgeous arrangements can be created from dried flowers as is evident from the picture above. I found this how to article by Lynne Cherot over at the Sensible Gardening and Living website.

With the turning of the calendar page I decided it was time to accept the fact that summer was pretty much a thing of the past. Cooler temperatures have arrived along with shorter days. Seems like everyone has been busy getting their homes decorated for fall so decided it was about time I did the same.
As I?ve been cleaning up the garden I?ve picked and saved anything at all that I thought would dry nicely. I dug out a door basket I had bought years ago and went to work to make something festive and fall like for the front door.
dried flowers-sensible-gardening.jpg
I started with the taller stems of yellow yarrow, ornamental grass flower heads and oriental poppy seed heads.

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Image source: Sensible Gardening and Living