Don't Make These 5 Gardening Mistakes

This is advice aimed at beginner gardeners, but many of those with more experience and well established green thumbs can also benefit from a reminder of these basic principles. The first mistake is something that is always tempting which is trying to grow too many plants. Another is planting too early before the soil has had time to warm up. The full list of five mistakes comes from an article by Joyce which I found on her My Stay At Home Adventures website.

A few years ago to save money and start eating healthier, we decided to start a vegetable garden. What I didn?t anticipated was how much I was going to enjoy gardening, and that I couldn?t wait to do it again the following year. Starting a garden wasn?t hard at all, and the best way to learn is from your mistakes. As a beginner gardener, I made mistakes, tons of mistakes. If you are deciding to start gardening, then I have?5 beginner gardener mistakes to avoid that are going to help you with your garden.
Starting a vegetable garden at home? Check out these 5 beginner gardener mistakes to avoid this gardening season.

The awesome thing about starting a garden is that you can garden anywhere. If room is limited, you can use containers. I truly enjoy gardening; not only because it saves you money on food, or that you are eating healthy and know where you food is coming from, but it’s so good for your soul. If you are looking for easy vegetables to grow at home you will be surprise at the numbers of vegetable you can start growing as a beginner gardener.
When I started my garden, my entire family joined in, including my neighbors. The kids enjoyed it the most, and what I found out was that they were willing to eat what they had grown. We enjoyed looking for recipes and harvesting our food. We enjoyed making homemade sauce and other homemade recipes.
As you can see, gardening is something that I truly enjoy, not only because it saves us some money on our groceries, but because it benefits others as well. It was something we enjoyed doing together as a family, and it brought others to it as well.

Growing too many plants

As much excitement as starting your garden creates, as?beginner gardener you need to make sure you have a plan and don?t grow too many plants. Planting more that you can eat is a waste. All the plants will ripe around the same time, and it will create so much work for you. For this reason alone, if this is your first time gardening, please start small.

As a beginner gardener, you want to make sure you do your research and plant only the plants that you, or your family, like and will eat. Don?t grow too many variety of plants, stick to simple at first. I know the urge to try them all is there, but remember that it takes a lot of work to maintain a large garden. This could also lead to a burnout, and we don?t want that.

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